About Erin O’Quinn

Erin O’Quinn has a public side and a private side.  The public face is on five other blogs, on Facebook and Twitter; and in about 35 novels, novellas, and short stories. Be aware, all ye who enter here, that her writing includes gay as well as heteronormative couples, all bared to a public who mostly don’t give a fuck.

This is her more private side.

To drop the third person … this is where I rehearse. Where I clear my throat, bow to a nonexistent audience, raise my voice and sing quite cheerfully off-key and no doubt a half-note behind the beat.

avy mts 2

This is closer to who I am than any of the avatars I publish on the other sites: a woman born almost literally on the side of a mountain, just below the tree line…under the cloudless blue skies, among green pine trees, on top of the granite outcroppings of my gaunt and gorgeous state of Nevada.

When or if you read my words, just be aware  that I tend to write for myself, even when I publish a novel. If I cannot please me,  I can please no  one.

That said, I cherish every singer who wants to join my chorus.


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