My Scotland muse

A unique soul I have the privilege to know…author Suzana Wylie…has the light of poetry splashed into her heart, spilling over into her soul. One day I put the following image on my FB page; and less than half an hour later, that picture had a poem attached.

arbroath rocks copy

Deil’s Head— a place of beauty and peril both, it’s a famous sight on the cliffs of Arbroath and plays a role in O’Quinn’s novel The Kilt Complex..

The poem? It will find a place in my work in progress, as well as in my treasure box. The sea stack known as Deil’s Head (Devil’s Head) already figures in the Nevada Highlander series of novels.

When I am young and in my prime,
To Scotland I will go.
To hold a length of tartan there
And watch the heather grow.
To inhale peat and sour mash
And never let them go.
To stand close by the Devil’s Head
And hear the waves sing low.
To hear and answer piper’s call
And dance where angels go.
To prick my flesh on thistle thorn
And let my life’s blood flow.
Yes, when I am young and in my prime,
To Scotland I will go.



About erinsromance

Erin O'Quinn is a writer who has published all 35 of her books through her own company, New Dawn Press. She earned a BA (English) and MA (Comp. Lit.) from the Univ. of Southern California but says her best education has come from the badlands and the good people who inhabit them. From the outskirts of a small town in central Texas, Erin conjures up visions of ancient and jazz-age Ireland; Old World Wales and Britannia; and the Scotland of people from Picts to contemporary. The badlands of Nevada are in the mix, but far removed from these Gaelic shores. Most of O'Quinn's writing is here: Kindle US Kindle UK Queer Romance Ink links, reviews, etc.) Sea to Sky (epub or pdf links, excerpts) Smashwords (epub)
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2 Responses to My Scotland muse

  1. suzanawylie says:

    Thank you so much foe sharing this, and for your truly kind words. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. erinsromance says:

    I wanted to hug it to myself, Susan, but a great poem needs to be shared! I want to call it “When I am Young,” because someday I *will* be, and that is when I’ll get to bonnie auld Scotland. ❤


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