Silvering…a splendid metaphior for a piece of superb writing.

Exploring the epiphany

The man comes every day,
lighting a red, quaint lamp inside his ribcage; everyday he comes.
To the establishment of blind humans, by humans I mean physically astounding animals…
But blinded.
A leaning spine and some hairs scattered like patches of white old snows,
he swirls himself on a walking stick, like those vines you see on charcoaled walls.
He comes to work. No philosophy, no art…no feathers of sparrows on glass eyes…
No bourgeois shallow sentiment.
Just good old creativity of iron hammers and stone hands.
But everyday you can see all the grace and effortlessness in his immersion.
The way he carries himself under these mundane filaments…
on a road towards his home…his cave.
Leaving behind a pile of beating hearts who don’t know what it means to make the most of the times.

There’s a process called silvering. Basically it helps to see the reflections in a…

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About erinsromance

Erin O'Quinn is a writer who has published all 35 of her books through her own company, New Dawn Press. She earned a BA (English) and MA (Comp. Lit.) from the Univ. of Southern California but says her best education has come from the badlands and the good people who inhabit them. From the outskirts of a small town in central Texas, Erin conjures up visions of ancient and jazz-age Ireland; Old World Wales and Britannia; and the Scotland of people from Picts to contemporary. The badlands of Nevada are in the mix, but far removed from these Gaelic shores. Most of O'Quinn's writing is here: Kindle US Kindle UK Queer Romance Ink links, reviews, etc.) Sea to Sky (epub or pdf links, excerpts) Smashwords (epub)
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