Curves and flesh

Today’s “Tantalizing Tuesday” theme in my Facebook group brought forth two noteworhthy poems, among other notable fiction.

This first one is a flash poem by Suzana Wylie (Susan Wylie Wilson), based on this image of a Fibonacci curl of a staircase:



Counting up and counting down the staircase goes both ways
A conveyor belt it seems for to and fro are seamless
No barriers there to force us on to where the others wait
Just on and on as Dylan said, no rest for wearied feet,
No direction home, no way to go, no relief-spawned sigh
No slate gray roof to wave us in atop the trees.
Curling in—or out, perhaps—becoming tight and tighter
Wrapping in gray concrete and strips of birch
No place to stand and stop us here.
No place to twirl the wrapping warping off
No place to call him home.

flourish green


The second is a fragment of a longer poem by Lou Sylvestre.  The poem, from “Winter Down, Spring Dreams,”  appears in an antho called Love Notes (Vagabondage Press 2012; image is from Morguefile, by Dodgerton Skillhause).

BASKET OF PEACHES DodgertonSkillhause


In August blaze,
Having the freedom to love,
We’ll hike the cool woods. On our backs we’ll carry ripe pink peaches
And a soft-worn hand-stitched quilt. We’ll know our place,
Where pines
Stand tall guard, and maples
Coax from sunlight gilded rays,
Bowls of yellow heat. Liquid light
Will dapple
Our wild skins like spotted flanks of plains horses.
We’ll eat peaches, hungry.
Like horses,
Lick salt skin.
Like birds, make of love a song.
And sleep replete with peach flesh.


Thanks very much, Su and Lou. ‘Tis not at all ironic that your names rhyme. 😀


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Erin O'Quinn is a writer who has published all 35 of her books through her own company, New Dawn Press. She earned a BA (English) and MA (Comp. Lit.) from the Univ. of Southern California but says her best education has come from the badlands and the good people who inhabit them. From the outskirts of a small town in central Texas, Erin conjures up visions of ancient and jazz-age Ireland; Old World Wales and Britannia; and the Scotland of people from Picts to contemporary. The badlands of Nevada are in the mix, but far removed from these Gaelic shores. Most of O'Quinn's writing is here: Kindle US Kindle UK Queer Romance Ink links, reviews, etc.) Sea to Sky (epub or pdf links, excerpts) Smashwords (epub)
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3 Responses to Curves and flesh

  1. suzanawylie says:

    If it’s not ironic that my name and Lou’s rhyme because we both let words rule our lives, your name should be Boo. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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